We Need To Change
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Taiyo, age 9. Sunday sept 17th 2011, same day as the original Occupy Wall Street protest.

I see you
sneaking out the door
You are an evil one,
robbing the poor

You evil senators,
and congressmen who are not fair
You are the cheaters,
still no one really cares

You should be locked up,
not the poor who didn’t do anything wrong
You are the cause
of the rights and wrongs.

Ever thought about the Klux Klux Klan,
just so many years so short
They roamed and the police didn’t care,
so you really are the jerks I see,
Is this a one sided battle
from the rich to the poor?
And you know,
you are the evil ones after all

Look at yourselves,
blood-thirsty mongrels
The rich to don’t have to pay
the taxes the poor do.

The rich are just selfish
and even with so much money,
They are never really happy
with what they got already.

You are running up and down the staircase floor
and you’re crying,
What is surprising to me
is that the rich are not dying
They seem like they have so much greed and hatred
that they’re not human
They are more like devils

Crying will do nothing
about the devils
The people and they
are someone who you need to fight
Peaceful protests
are what Martin Luther King said,
and in my opinion,
he’s as right as you get

When will the people know that they are doing us wrong?
When will they learn to be not selfish
The newspapers are lying about everyone.
Still people read them,
what is the whole point.

We need to change.